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Museum Acquisition


Kwan Sheung Chi


Excited to share that Kwan Sheung Chi’s work, A Flags-Raising-Lowering Ceremony at my home’s clothes drying rack (2007) was recently added to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection, New York.

In the year of the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People’s Republic of China, I invited artist Lee Kit to hand-paint a HKSAR regional flag for me, which had to follow the detail instructions in “The State’s Standards of The People’s Republic of China, GB16689-1996”, issued by The State Authority of Technical Monitoring. My girlfriend Wong Wai Yin sewed the painted cloth into a flag. I then asked my parents to perform a flags-raising-lowering ceremony on our home’s clothes drying rack, with the hand-painted flag, and the national flag of The People’s Republic of China and The United Kingdom. In the video, the flags were continuously raised and lowered arbitrarily by my parents, the national anthem of the associated flag was played or suddenly paused while the flag was raised or lowered.

– Kwan Sheung Chi