Oil on acrylic panel
40 x 40 cm
Framed: 40.3 x 40.3 cm

Cui Xinming made two paintings in ‘Just Arrived in This World’ on acrylic board, ‘Portrait Study (Sham Chun River)’ and ‘Genre Painting Study (Weed Removal II)’. For the artist, working on different surfaces from canvas to wood board, PVC board and then acrylic board is a way to develop “distinct, contemporary colour and texture.” For both ‘Portrait Study (Sham Chun River)’ and ‘Genre Painting Study (Weed Removal II)’, the artist emphasised the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the first layer of oil paint, consciously increasing the density of the paint just to nurture a sense of warm tenderness. By displaying the artwork inside out, the artist means to confront the viewer with the first, fundamental layer of the painting, highlighting its resemblance to digital screens: particularly saturated and brightened. Cui Xinming contends that it is a distinct and timely response to contemporary screen cultures.

Thematically speaking, ‘Genre Painting Study (Weed Removal II)’ echos ‘Genre Painting Study 13 (Smelting)’ and ‘Genre Painting Study (Junzi 1)’, highlighting the artist’s concern with the relationship between human and nature, the latter being handled with brutality and indifference. Just like in ‘Genre Painting Study 13 (Smelting)’, ‘Genre Painting Study (Weed Removal II)’ depicts charred, scorched trees and grass, presenting a viewing experience that is itself burning.