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Museum Acquisition


Wong Ping


We are delighted to share that Wong Ping’s work, Slow Sex (2013) has entered the collection of Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Wong Ping’s Slow Sex (2013) makes a Cantonese pun on the word Halloween, a tongue-in-cheek reference to a 24-hour slow-sex day on October 31. In a brightly decorated bedroom, a couple is having intercourse on a narrow single bed, their repetitive movements deliberately in sync with the melody from an electric guitar, laced with lyrics of a sexual nature. Such is the highly stylised, animated wonderland constructed by Wong Ping: intentionally flattened and knowingly low-tech, his aesthetic achieves a retro quality that is somehow reminiscent of old-fashioned cartoons, yet oddly futuristic. Wong’s recurring use of bright, almost neon palettes alongside geometrical shapes, as well as short, round characters—what could be called cute—convey a surrealism that is apt for today, a reality that appropriates and builds on his experiences in Hong Kong.