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[10.09.17 – 25.11.17]


Wong Ping


Surplace Space, Wuhan, China

Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce Wong Ping’s participation in group exhibition ‘Resurrection’ at Surplace Space, in Wuhan, China. Split into three sections, ‘the Regeneration of Stronghold’, ‘the Face of Phantom’ and ‘the Storm to Come’, the exhibition explores the 2nd century Christian Philosopher Origen’s theory of resurrection, which proposes that it is ideas and images which are resurrected, rather than the physical human body. In light of recent political and ideological differences sweeping the globe, ideas and images have more value than ever, and are continually debated and questioned, before resurfacing.

Wong Ping will be exhibiting his work in ‘the Face of Phantom’ section of the exhibition, which explores the idea of a ‘phantom’ as another form of being. While a phantom or ghost lingers in the physical world after a human life has ended, before returning to the land of the deceased, a ‘phantom’ state can be considered a unique and agile form of ‘life’. Wong Ping’s work sits at the threshold between the real and the absurd, presenting unusual narratives in bright, psychedelic colour schemes, with wit and humour.