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+5: Meeting Room

[18.05.13 – 25.08.13]


Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 181 Zhong Shan N. Road, Sec. 3, Taipei 10461, Taiwan

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Parkett has invited Charwei Tsai to collaborate on a special interactive project that will complement their current exhibition of 220 tomes at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Entitled “+5: Meeting Room”, the exhibition brings together five artists and institutions who have shown a strong commitment to artistic collaboration, while the title reinforces the idea of face-to-face contact between institutions and artists. An avid advocate of such synergy, Charwei Tsai invited 18 Taiwanese artists (including Chi-Tsung Wu and Lee Kit, who is now based in Taiwan) to choose books that had influenced their way of thinking or their practice and interviewed them about these. This project and those proposed by The Cube, TeamLab, ARTCO Magazine and Tapei Contemporary Art Centre illustrate the passion, imagination and cooperation that is unleashed when artistic groups join forces.