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Asian Art Biennial 2015, Artist Making Movement

[06.09.15 – 06.12.15]


Chou Yu-Cheng, Sun Xun


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2, Sec. 1, Wu Chuan W. Road, Taichung, 403 Taiwan

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Chou Yu-Cheng and Sun Xun are participating in Asian Art Biennial 2015, Taichung. Titled “Artist Making Movement”, the edition curated by Iris Shu-Ping Huang reflects on contemporary Asian society’s restlessness, discontent and unease in response to institutional failings. Through examining discourse and art in parallel, the performativity of the selected works is accentuated in the spirit of Jean Paul Gee’s notion of “Big D” Discourse as opposed to static discourse – art in movement as a form of language in use, transitioning sentiments into assertive actions. On display includes Chou Yu-Cheng’s mixed media installation ‘100’ (2015) and Sun Xun’s ink painting “Divine Landscape of Jing Bang” (2013), video “The Experimental Republic Jing Bang” (2014), screen prints “We are No Longer Political Toys” and “Jing Bang is a Heaven” (2013).