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Color Temperature

[12.09.13 – 20.09.13]


Cui Xinming


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

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Cui Xinming has been selected for the group exhibition ‘Color Temperature’ featuring 27 of China’s hottest young artists. Presented by China Young Artists Project (CYAP) in collaboration with the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Turkey, the exhibition is curated by Jia Fangzhou (China) and Hakan Gürsoytran (Turkey) and draws on how the venerable Chinese character for temperature “温” has multiple positive emotional meanings such as warmth, review, caring, temperature, etc. ‘Color Temperature’ is an exhibition about the relationship between colours and the emotional impact they have on the mind and eyes of the viewer. As each contemplator has had a different life experience, the impact of the work’s colours and forms on the viewer are undoubtedly varied, providing an infinite number of possible combinations. Furthermore, the exhibition provides a focus on young Chinese artists’ expression, their vivid details and how they get involved with great passion in the reality of their surroundings.