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Summer Artist Residency Program

[10.07.23 – 21.09.23]


Cui Xinming, He Yida, Liu Xiaohui, Liu Yin, Yeung Hok Tak, Wang Xiaoqu


Kiang Malingue, 13/F, Blue Box Factory Building, 25 Hing Wo Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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Kiang Malingue is pleased to announce its summer artist residency program. The first artists-in-residence are Liu Xiaohui and Liu Yin, who turn the 13/F gallery in Tin Wan into a studio space starting from July 10 2023. For both artists, the purpose of the program is to conceive a new series of paintings in anticipation of their upcoming solo exhibitions with the gallery in 2024. On July 22 2023, there will also be an open studio session from 2 pm to 5 pm with Liu Xiaohui.

Over the last two decades, Liu Xiaohui (b. 1975, Shandong province, China) has developed a singular painting practice by revealing the majesty of mundane gestures. By repeatedly depicting female figures in various movements — from standing perfectly still to twitching in unnatural ways — Liu’s compositions effectively place the viewer in contact with the subject, making one conscious of his or her own gaze and of the artist’s painting process. Liu also insists on turning the central figure away from the viewer, exploring the depth of a painted surface and the subtlety of a viewing-pursuing experience.

Liu Yin (b. 1984, Guangzhou, China) has developed a subversive artistic language that makes classic shōjo manga faces — adorned with exaggerated, shiny eyes — on widely circulated contemporary images; public figures from the academic, scientific and political worlds; and pop culture characters or inanimate beings. At once concealing their initial expressions and revealing deeply hidden characters — a true self that is arguably feminine or innocent — Liu reconstructs the emotions, feelings and narrative structures manifest in complex events.

Since the opening of Kiang Malingue’s 10 Sik On Street space in September 2022, the gallery has introduced a series of new implementations that contribute to supporting its growing roster of artists in various ways. The artist residency program aims to offer its artists a space that differs from their own environments in terms of configuration and accessibility, facilitating artistic exchanges and conversations in the process. From July to September 2023, artists-in-residence will also include Cui Xinming, Yeung Hok Tak, He Yida, and Wang Xiaoqu.