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Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain

[16.10.13 – 31.03.14]


Fabien Mérelle


Level 4, Galerie d’Art Graphique, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Fabien Mérelle is being exhibited as part of the group show “Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain” curated by Jonas Storsve at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. The exhibition displays a careful selection of 300 drawings from the group of 1,200 works generously donated by Florence and Daniel Guerlain in January 2012. Two drawings by Fabien Mérelle have been specifically selected, ‘Jérôme du Bois de Vincennes’ (2010) and ‘Paul d’Aubervilliers’ (2010), both of which depict homeless characters in the largest park in Paris and a northeastern suburb in Paris, respectively. In total thirteen works by Fabien Mérelle were donated to the Centre Pompidou Collection of Contemporary Art including ‘Casse La Baraque’ (2010) and the three parts of ‘La Caverne’ (2010).