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Very Natural Actions

[21.09.19 – 31.12.19]


He Yida


JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

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Pleased to share He Yida’s presentation in the group exhibition, ‘Very Natural Actions’ at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong. This exhibition encourages viewers not to linger on the surfaces of works but to seek out that gem of a tree within the forest of forms and meanings—one that resonates with one’s experiences, allowing artworks to serve as bridges between artists and viewers. Beneath the artworks lie worlds and dimensions ordinarily hidden; such reflexive questioning holds out greater possibilities in the viewing of artworks. ‘Very Natural Actions’ extends the artistic discussions in ‘A Tree Fell in the Forest, and No One’s There’ last year, presented as part of the “Emerging Curators Project” at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, parallel to the Shanghai Biennale.