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Rituals of Signs and Metamorphosis

[02.11.18 – 07.04.19]


Ho Tzu Nyen


Red Brick Museum, Beijing, China

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Pleased to share Ho Tzu Nyen’s presentation in the group exhibition ‘Rituals of Signs and Metamorphosis’ at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing. Curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh, the exhibition presents the world premiere of Ho Tzu Nyen’s installation ‘The Mysterious Lai Teck’ (2018), co-produced by Red Brick Art Museum. Through an imaginary reconstruction of the life and times of a mysterious triple agent who operated in Southeast Asia in the 1940s under more than 30 known names, the work addresses the ruthlessness of the protagonist’s becomings, of his untimeliness, of his crossing of lines: the lines between the inside and the outside, fiction and espionage, agency and treachery.