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[13.07.19 – 25.08.19]


Ho Tzu Nyen


Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn, Estonia

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Pleased to share Ho Tzu Nyen’s group exhibition, ‘Xenos’ at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Curated by Anders Härm, this exhibition presents works by a wide range of artists who psychologically or politically capture in their work the strange or the unusual, in other words, the notion of ‘xenos’. This group show is more a contemplation, an essay in the form of an exhibition that tries to shed light upon the question of otherness and of strangeness from different angles. Featured here is Tzu’s video work ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ (2011).

‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ (2011) explores the expansive subject of the representation of the elusive and amorphous cloud. Navigating between fantastical contemporary characters as well as their settings, Ho creates an eery and engaging work inspired by philosopher Hubert Damisch’s thesis on the form’s aesthetics and symbolism – A Theory of /Cloud/: Toward a History of Painting – first published in French in 1972. Incorporating a set of eight vignettes, each centred on a character’s representation of the cloud, Ho incarnates anthropomorphically how this ephemeral element is visualised and expressed by significant Western European masters.