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An Opera for Animals

[23.03.19 – 02.06.19]


Ho Tzu Nyen, Tao Hui, Wang Wei, Samson Young


Para Site, Hong Kong

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Pleased to share Ho Tzu Nyen, Tao Hui, Samson Young and Wang Wei’s presentation in the group exhibition ‘An Opera for Animals’ at Para Site, Hong Kong. Curated by Cosmin Costinas and Claire Shea, this exhibition is interested in the various steps of staging that have been crucial to our imagination of culture, and the way they are negotiated by the channeling of irrational impulses in the highly controlled and artificial environment of the operatic setting.

* ‘An Opera for Animals’ is presented in two parts, the prelude of which will take place at Para Site followed by the second phase at the Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai in June 2019. Tao Hui, Samson Young and Wang Wei will also be presenting at RAM, Shanghai.