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ArtInternational Istanbul

[24.09.14 – 28.09.14]


Eric Baudart, Cui Xinming, Fabien Mérelle


Booth B8, The Haliç Congress Center

Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural participation in ArtInternational Istanbul and present a group exhibition featuring the work of several talented artists from distinct corners of the world. On display will be works by Nuri Kuzucan (b. 1971, Turkey), Callum Innes (b. 1962, Scotland), João Vasco Paiva (b. 1979, Portugal), Jeremy Everett (b. 1979, USA), Laurent Grasso (b. 1972, France), Los Carpinteros (est. 1991, Cuba), Eric Baudart (b. 1972, France), Fabien Mérelle (b. 1981, France), Janaina Tschäpe (b. 1973, Brazil/Germany) and Cui Xinming (b. 1986, China). Working in different mediums and at various stages of their career, the booth reflects Edouard Malingue Gallery’s dedication to presenting a rich and diverse artistic programme in the heart of Hong Kong.

On display will be works by Nuri Kuzucan, a contemporary Turkish artist based in Istanbul, who creates paintings that explore the interior and exterior dynamics of contemporary urban spaces, and by way of multiple layers of paint, conveys the visual and emotive lexicon of modern metropolises. Alongside his works will be paintings by the seminal Scottish painter, Callum Innes, who since the early 1990s, has explored monochrome painting in highly innovative ways, creating geometric abstract works that explore the occupation of line, colour and density in two-dimensional space.

These works will be presented with those of João Vasco Paiva, a rising Hong Kong-based artist who investigates contemporary metropolises, and by a process of abstraction, reduction and reconfiguration, creates artworks that prompt us to reconsider those aspects of a city or place that would otherwise be ignored. Also addressing the urban, albeit from a different angle, is Jeremy Everett, an emerging artist who exposes his works to the environment or alternatively creates interventions in order to develop poetic pieces that oscillate between states of beauty, process and decay.

Furthermore, the gallery will exhibit works by Laurent Grasso, a conceptual leader of his generation, who explores by way of multiple mediums and forms, the manners in which one may blur our conceptions of past, present and future. Also on display will be a watercolour by the celebrated duo Los Carpinteros, who create conscientious responses to places, spaces and objects, how they have been conceived, built, used and abandoned. As a collective, they observe and mentally digest their form and function, with the idea of displacing the given and altering that which is immediately recognisable. Additionally, the gallery will also present works by Eric Baudart, who across multiple mediums combines a play of materials, textures and reflections as a means of manipulating images and revealing new actualities.

Moreover, the gallery will also present oeuvres by Janaina Tschäpe, a well-known Brazilian-German artist whom across multiple mediums explores amorphous landscapes and their abundant luscious properties. Through her paintings to her watercolour works, Tschäpe conveys an inimitable rapport with nature, presenting it in luscious proximity for one to revel in its abundantly burgeoning vitality and variety. Alongside her work will be that of emerging artist Fabien Mérelle, who creates delicately detailed drawings in black ink and watercolour as well as strikingly realistic sculptures that bring to life his highly imaginative two-dimensional renderings, which cumulatively address man’s increasingly distant relationship with nature as well as his own personal budding relationship with loved ones.

Finally, also addressing relationships, but from the angle of youth and society, is the Chinese artist Cui Xinming, who returning to Istanbul following a group exhibition in 2013, creates expansive oil on canvas works that address developing personal values. By bringing these artists to ArtInternational 2014, Edouard Malingue Gallery hopes to present their talent to a fresh public and simultaneously showcase a set of artists who truly represent diverse artistic practices across the globe.