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Post-Humanist Desire: Sexuality and Digitality in Contemporary Art

[23.11.13 – 12.01.14]



Museum of Contemporary Art, No.39, Chang'an W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan

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Janaina Tschäpe is being featured in the group exhibition ‘Post-Humanist Desire: Sexuality and Digitality in Contemporary Art’ at MOCA Taipei curated by Dr. Ming Turner. The exhibition is based on extensive research into the definition of “Post-human”, which remains undecided but is commonly used to describe the divergent and complex life expectations and identities of 21st century people. Janaina Tschäpe, along with 24 other artists, has been invited to help interpret the theme of “Post-human” under the headings of “cloned human”, “transgendered human” and “transformed human”. She has several works on display including Botanica (2008), which is a series of photographs revealing crafted artificial objects that seamlessly blend themselves amongst organic life. Also on exhibition are the two videos Entschüpft (Breathing Woman) (2011) & Entschüpft (Breathing Balloon) (2011), which screened on separate monitors show a gigantic plastic white balloon lying in the Amazon forest at once with a resting woman on top and then without, yet still seemingly living.