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Minimal Baroque: Post-Minimalism and Contemporary Art

[06.04.14 – 15.06.14]



Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, Denmark

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Janaina Tschäpe has been selected to participate in the group exhibition ‘Minimal Baroque: Post-Minimalism and Contemporary Art’ at the Rønnebæksholm, Næstved in Denmark. As a comprehensive overview of Danish and international contemporary art, ‘Minimal Baroque’ examines the duality of restraint and excess in recent art, a style that can also be described as Post-minimalist. As such, the exhibition sets to confront basic ideas about art through the concept of combining less and more. In particular, Janaina Tschäpe will exhibit her video work ‘Ballgame’ (2012), which filmed in Tulum, Mexico follows two balls, a larger white one and a smaller red one, as they joyfully bound upon the deserted beach alongside cascading waves, out of place yet also integrated in the landscape.