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The Genius of the Crowd

[13.01.17 – 17.03.17]


Ko Sin Tung


Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Level 2, Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Ave, Singapore

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Ko Sin Tung has been selected to participate in ‘The Genius of the Crowd’, a group show part of Esplanade’s visual arts programme ‘Body Politic’ in Singapore. The exhibition explores the notion of the crowd, a complex and plural entity, swayed by socio-political forces as often as it serves as an agent for social change. Through painting, video and photography, Ko Sin Tung’s four featured works ‘Welcoming Curves’, ‘EXPRESS’, ‘The sun is not here’ and new installation ‘Last stop – arrows in Futian Railway Station’ examine the psychological aspects of urban and domestic environments.