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Dismantling the Scaffold

[09.06.18 – 15.06.18]


Kwan Sheung Chi


Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary

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Pleased to share Kwan Sheung Chi’s upcoming group presentation at the inaugural exhibition ‘Dismantling the Scaffold’, curated by the Hong Kong curator Christina Li and presented by Spring Workshop at Tai Kwun Contemporary. This exhibition brings together works from local and international artists and collectives, a constellation of artworks which engage with the social and civil structures we collectively inhabit. The personal and collective artistic presentations raise questions about various issues such as social participation, commodification, exclusion and confinement, urban development, collaboration, and human welfare in both public and private spheres. ‘Dismantling the Scaffold’ thus hopes to offer alternative interpretations to the social conditions which underpin our experience as human beings. Kwan Sheung Chi is presenting ‘Everything Goes Wrong for the Poor Couple’ (2010), a collaboration work with Wong Wai Yin.