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In Younger Days

[03.11.19 – 10.01.20]


Kwan Sheung Chi


New Century Art Foundation, No. A05, 797 East Road, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

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Pleased to share Kwan Sheung Chi’s presentation in the group exhibition, ‘In Younger Days’ at the New Century Art Foundation, Beijing. Curated by Yang Zi, in the exhibition ‘In Younger Days’, the beauty of youthfulness is represented by the symbolism of the flower. The artists here presented their respective versions of  “a portrait of the flower”. On view is Kwan Sheung Chi’s ‘Lilies’ (2012), which consists of the 12 faux lilies the artist had collected. It encapsulates the ideals of the “beautiful lilies” appealing to potential clients while projecting the spectacle of the social subconscious built repetitively by many laborers. The lightness and elegance of manufactured goods entail self-evident pain and suffering, which are both historical and present.