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[27.01.24 – 05.01.25]


Lai Chih-Sheng


NO.39 Chang-An West Road, MoCA TAIPEI, Taipei, Taiwan

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Delighted to share Lai Chih-Sheng’s “Outing” at MoCA TAIPEI’s “One year project”.

The concept springs from the collaborative use of a historical building of Japanese-era, Kensei Shogakko, also known as Jian Cheng Elementary School. The historical architecture is now shared by Jian Cheng Junior High School and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. The idea was to forge a space that blends boundaries: transforming an exhibition hall of the museum into a shared area with the students of Jian Cheng Junior High. Outside the exhibition hall, a segment of the school’s grounds is repurposed into a museum terrace, thereby weaving together a new space for “Outing”. This space is envisioned as a canvas where the school days of students are painted with the hues of artistic experiences, while at the same time allowing the museum to resonate with youthful energy and laughter. Visitors, too, are invited to traverse this expanded space, stepping onto the school terrace to capture a glimpse of youth in its vibrant essence.

In addition to crafting this shared space, what else does the work encompass? Nestled within the passageway, a stone table stands – part sculpture rich with stories, part ping-pong table straddling the indoor and outdoor realms. This could be a nexus for exchange, where people engage in a game that mirrors the simplicity and equilibrium of their connections.

The Outing thus emerges as a unique reunion, intended to gently unfold and resonate within our sensibilities.

– Courtesy of the artist.