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[20.11.20 – 29.01.21]


Liu Xiaohui


A07, 798 Art Zone Buildings, Beijing, China

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Delighted to share Liu Xiaohui’s (b.1975, China) solo exhibition, ‘Détournement’ at 798 Art Zone, Beijing. ‘Détournement’ is a movement being presented in the form of an exhibition, implying that the nature of the exhibition is not retrospective, but a moment-in-progress. Furthermore, the moment of this movement’s occurrence is the occurrence itself, and does not encompass any dramatic implications. For this reason, the exhibition will not be cut off or embellished by any superfluous theme. In other words, there is no “outer appearance” to this exhibition. The only things that are really important are a color, a shape, the force and direction of a line, those actual facts of painting itself. ‘Détournement’ hopes to restore these moments. “Turn” is not a great, stirring piece of rhetoric, and likewise, the moment it signifies is perhaps that most ordinary, mundane moment in Liu Xiaohui’s labors in the here and now. But in this progression from this instant to the next, some change has taken place. It is like the title of this exhibition, “détournement”—if we are to understand this term in the sense it applied to Guy Debord or Marcel Duchamp, it implies that what changes in this “turn” is not the thing itself, but the way we receive it. To use Liu Xiaohui’s own words, painting at this point becomes a question of simply whether or not you believe it.