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Motion Is Action - 35 Years of Chinese Media Art

[22.09.23 – 25.02.24]


Miao Ying, Tao Hui, Wang Wei


398 Tianmushan Road, BY ART MATTERS, Hangzhou, China

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Pleased to share Miao Ying, Tao Hui and Wang Wei as three of the artists featuring at the fifth season exhibition of BY ART MATTERS, Motion Is Action – 35 Years of Chinese Media Art. This groundbreaking exhibition marks the first retrospective presentation of Chinese contemporary art history from a Chinese perspective.

The exhibition aimed to explore the significant role of media expansion in the evolution of contemporary art, brought about by the Information Age, by examining the development and the transformations in Chinese media art. It examined a series of thought-provoking issues, including scene reconstruction, the manipulation of time and space, perceptual misalignment, the creation of new artistic languages, and reflections on social and cultural contexts.

BY ART MATTERS aspires to enable guests from all corners of the country and overseas to experience China’s advancements in science, technology, culture, and economy through the exhibition, which aimed to facilitate a retrospective understanding and imaginative exploration of the present and future of Chinese society by embracing the artists’ visionary perspectives.

– Courtesy of BY ART MATTERS, Hangzhou.