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The Principle of Hope

[16.10.21 – 27.02.22]




Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China

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Delighted to share Nabuqi’s presentation in the group exhibition, “The Principle of Hope” at Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum, currently on view through 27 Feb 2022. Nabuqi is presenting her mixed media work, How to Be “Good Life” (2019).

This work continues the artist’s long-term exploration of the aesthetics of private spaces. Since 2014, Nabuqi has been developing a readymade series: in a way that is seemingly much more specific and light-hearted than the artist’s laboriously crafted sculptures, the empty, upside-down pots, wires and cables, snacks, lightbulbs, fake plants, stuffed toys, life-size fibreglass cows, and, perhaps most preeminently, the photographs printed on soft textiles cover or hinder one another, constructing and contradicting each other formally and thematically. Unusual in Nabuqi’s practise and unlike other works in the series, both the title and the form of How to Be “Good Life” allude to the history of Pop Art, particularly to Richard Hamilton’s art. The installation also uses images of the Pantheon, the Egyptian Pyramid and of animals for the first time: for the artist, the images become empty signifiers and the installation a flat film set, pertaining to reality that is fundamentally superfluous.