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Spectrosynthesis – Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now

[09.09.17 – 05.11.17]


Samson Young


Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce the inclusion of Samson Young’s ‘Muted Situation #5’ in MoCA Taipei’s upcoming exhibition ‘Spectrosynthesis – Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now’, opening on 9 September 2017.

 ‘Muted Situation #5’ is a video installation featuring a choral composition, in which the singers suppress their voices, revealing the whispers, inhalations, rustling of papers and shifting of feet which often go unnoticed. By highlighting sounds which often go ignored, Young encourages a deeper and more focused contemplation of sound. ‘Spectrosynthesis – Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now’, in collaboration with the Hong Kong based foundation Sunpride, explores identity, social oppression, stigmatization and equality, through artworks which both directly and indirectly explore these LGBTQ issues. Coinciding with Taiwan’s Court ruling to legalise gay marriage, ‘Spectrosynthesis’ offers a frank exploration and celebration of LGBTQ art from across Asia.