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[05.07.17 – 31.10.17]


Samson Young


Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Τinos, Cyclades, Greece

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Eduoard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce Samson Young’s participation in ‘Reassembly’, a group exhibition at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos in Khora, Tinos, Greece. Organised by the Tinos Quarry Platform,  ‘Reassembly’ explores the importance of the movement of people in contemporary art, in order to share ideas and gain inspiration, and looks at the impact of the restrictions of movement in this era. As public attitudes toward movement and migration are becoming more insular in this era of nationalism, conflict and xenophobia, ‘Reassembly’ explores artworks which are digitally portable and move freely between medium, opening a dialogue on the importance of physical presence in art.

A group exhibition featuring 15 artists from 4 continents, the show features works created in digital mediums – such as video, photography and sound – mediums which are digitally portable across borders. These works are fluid, both in their diverse use of technologies and media, and in their defiance of spatial and temporal boundaries. Young’s work, which frequently explores constructed and transnational identities through sound, installation and new media, reflects on the themes of hyper-connectivity, popular culture and the impact of location on identity, all of which are integral to ‘Reassembly’.

‘Reassembly’ is on view at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, through 31 October 2017.