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Living Sound—Expanding the Extramusical

[27.04.19 – 07.07.19]


Samson Young


Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taiwan

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Delighted to share Samson Young’s group exhibition at Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), ‘Living Sound—Expanding the Extramusical’ curated by Lai Yi-Hsin Nicole. This exhibition centres on the agency of sound, along with all the extramusical qualities it embodies, and reflects upon the formation of subjectivity from perspectives informed by social, political, gender, class and other crucial experiences through exploring both sonic non-materiality and materiality of sound as well as their communicative characteristics. Presented in this exhibition is Samson Young’s ‘Muted Situation #2: Muted Lion Dance’ (2014) and ‘Muted Situation #7: Muted Boxing Match’ (2014).