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Close Reading

[07.03.20 – 05.04.20]


Samson Young


Rysoku-in Temple in Kenninji Temple

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We are excited to share that in March 2020, Samson Young introduces his new works that were developed through his residency in the Ryosoku-in temple.

‘Close Reading’ is the first contemporary art exhibition that the temple has ever organized as an independent project. The exhibition is a result of Samson Young’s residency at the temple. With works ranging from sound drawings, a new video titled ‘Sonata’, and a site-specific sound installation, this multimedia exhibition offers the audience an opportunity to experience the site as one among the monks in a unique encounter.

*Ryosoku-in Temple was originally founded with the aim of fostering knowledge and understanding. The RYOSOKU art program started in 2017 with the goal of stimulating minds through creativity.

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