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Re: Play

[17.10.20 – 29.11.20]


Samson Young


Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), Taipei, Taiwan

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Delighted to share Samson Young’s presentation in the annual exhibition of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB). This year’s edition is titled ‘Re: Play’, led by a team comprising of C-LAB curator Chuang Wei-Tzu , along with guest curators Wang Po-Wei and River Lin. A group of 16 artists were also invited to participate in live performances and multiple exploration of archives, narratives, spaces, objects, and the body. Samson Young’s performance of ‘Music for Specific Places, Times, and People #1′ took place at Art Space IV on 17 October as part of the section, ‘The Display on Live’, directed by CHUANG Wei-Tzu, in which she invited artists to explore the multi-layered meanings of narratives via reenactment, retracing, and manipulative intervention, portraying scenes from everyday life in alienating form.

-Courtesy of C-LAB