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Closer Reading

[25.02.21 – 17.04.21]


Samson Young


Ordet, Milan, Italy

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Pleased to share Samson Young’s first solo exhibition in Italy, ‘Closer Reading’ at Ordet, Milan. Renowned for a practice that weaves multicultural paradigms and cross-media experiences, the artist takes a group of works that he created during a residency at the Ryosoku-In at the Kennin-ji temple — the oldest zen temple in Kyoto — as a point of departure for ‘Closer Reading’. During those weeks, Young carried on his ongoing research on what form and its rethinking are.

At Ordet, Young deploys video, drawings, sound works and installations to generate an articulated, absorbing environment. On view are Young’s video installation ‘Sonata for Smokes’ (2020/2021), the drawings from ‘Landschaft (Ryosoku-In) series’ (2020) which were made on-site at the garden of Kennin-ji temple, ‘Tonight’ (2020), and a 8-channel generative sound installation, ‘Song without words (computational mantra)’ (2021).