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Korean Beauty: Two Kinds of Nature

[17.05.14 – 28.09.14]



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, Korea

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Song Hyun-Sook has been selected to exhibit in the group show ‘Korean Beauty: Two Kinds of Nature’ at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul (MMCA) curated by Chuyoung Lee. Including artists such as Lee U-fan, the exhibition aims to examine the original perspectives and aesthetics of contemporary Korean artists as well as shed light on the artistic originality and distinctive aesthetics of contemporary Korean art. In particular, the show focuses on nature, investigating how Korean artists’ deep thoughts and philosophies on ‘nature’ are evoked and what common perspectives exist amongst them. Song Hyun-Sook will be exhibiting one of her famous minimal paintings, ‘2 Brushstrokes’ (1997).