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[07.10.17 – 02.04.18]


Su-Mei Tse


Mudam Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is delighted to announce Su-Mei Tse’s solo exhibition ‘Nested’ at Mudam, Luxembourg. Tse’s work poetically draws viewers into contemplation of their sense of place, self and time; through videos, photographs, sculptures and installations, she uses the universal language of music and visual metaphors to at once suggest trains of thought but ultimately allow us to formulate our own.

Curated by Christophe Gallois and Katrin Weilenmann, ‘Nested’ is the result of research work developed over several years in differing geographical contexts, starting with Italy and Asia, bringing together a significant body of works specially produced for the occasion, including a new installation for Mudam’s Grand Hall.

‘Nested’ runs from 7 October, 2017 to 8 April, 2018.