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Luther and the Avantgarde

[19.05.17 – 17.09.17]


Sun Xun


Old Prison, Wittenberg, Germany

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Sun Xun is exhibiting his latest work, ‘Protestant’ at the Old Prison, Wittenberg in Germany, celebrates the cultural and social impact of Reformer Martin Luther. ‘Luther and the Avantgarde’, the exhibition for which ‘Protestant’ was created, explores who the innovative and revolutionary thinkers of today are, and dissects the longstanding relationship between art and politics. Martin Luther, who’s rejection of the religious establishment in 1517 revolutionised European society, and inspired artists of the time such as Albrecht Dürer, was innovative, brave and revolutionary. The exhibition sees Sun Xun exhibiting with artists such as Ai Wei Wei, Shilpa Gupta and Gilbert & George, in the Wittenberg Prison in which Martin Luther was held 500 years ago. Sun has directly engaged with this unusual and poignant location, painting the cell in which his prints are featured with a swirling, eerie dreamscape.