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Ballade, Animamix Contemporary Art

[14.07.17 – 15.10.17]


Sun Xun


Macao Museum of Art, Macao

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Sun Xun will be showing his new work, ‘The Beginning of the Revelation of God’ at the Macao Museum of Art for the show ‘Ballade, Animamix Contemporary Art’. Created in June 2017, in Macao, the ink on paper work uses narrative and natural imagery to engage with the theme ‘Animamix’. Coined by artist Victoria Lu, the phrase ‘animamix’ is used the describe a style of art equally influenced by animation and comics. Recognisable for its focus on themes of youth and a strong narrative element, this style of work has risen in popularity in recent years. Sun, who often uses animation in his work, utilises his inventive illustrative depiction which, combined with his ability to create absorbing and enthralling narrative worlds, fully embraces the ‘animamix’ style.