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1st Anren Biennale

[01.10.17 – 10.01.18]


Sun Xun


Anren, Chengdu, China

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is delighted to announce that Sun Xun will be participating in the 1st Anren Biennale, in the historical city of Anren, Chengdu, China. The theme of the biennale, ‘Today’s Yesterday’, aims to open a discourse on what it means to be in the present, and how the art of today reflects this, while also questioning how the present will eventually be historicised.

Sun Xun’s animation ‘Shock of Time’ will be shown in the section ‘The Szechwan Tale: Theatre and History’ curated by Marco Scotini. The film analyses the subjectivity and reliability of historical accounts, through hand-drawn animation. Against a backdrop of newspaper articles, a faceless magician explores the concepts of chronology and the cosmos.