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Jungle III, Common

[05.11.17 – 17.12.17]


Sun Xun


Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing.

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to share Sun Xun’s ongoing group show ‘Jungle III, Common’, organised by Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing. ‘Jungle III’ is the third exhibition of the Jungle Project that was first organised in 2010. The Jungle Project constitutes works of different forms and mediums as a carrier to convey the discussion of the inner topics of art.  Featured here are Sun Xun’s ‘The Previous Life of the Yimatu Mountain’ (2017), and ‘Chrismon’ (2017).

Recent and past histories, intransigent conflicts and tensions, sequential flashes of hand-created images – these are the irrevocable features of Sun Xun’s artistic practice that fuses the line between art and animation.