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Instruction for the Audience

[03.05.18 – 01.07.18]


Sun Xun


(SeMA) Seoul Museum of Art Bunker, Seoul, Korea

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Pleased to share Sun Xun’s presentation in the group exhibition ‘Instruction for the Audience’ at Seoul Museum of Art Bunker. On view is Sun Xun’s single channel animation video, ‘Tear of Chiwen’, 2017. Chiwen, the legendary animal used as ornaments on two sides of roof ridge on ancient eastern architectures, is known as the dragon’s son. The tears of Chiwen is a metaphor. In recent east Asian history, each country absorbs western culture in different ways, and now demonstrates different appearances of Westernization. Tears, are both tear and water, both sadness and fortune. Chiwen’s tears are introspection of the modernity of East Asian Culture under the context of globalization.