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The Deficit Faction

[02.11.19 – 08.01.20]


Tao Hui


Long March Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

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Delighted to share Tao Hui’s presentation in the group exhibition, ‘The Deficit Faction’, a curated group exhibition at Long March Space, Beijing. In this exhibition, Tao Hui presented his work, ‘From Sichuan to Shenzhen’ (2017).

This exhibition was born from the monthly “Planet Marx” reading club launched in March. Informed by the concept of deficiency, this is a conceptual faction that enlists enquiries into the systemic deterioration of the natural environment, spiritual practices or badlands hazed in the fine particles of technology, and theoretical practices embracing their own limitations. The participating artists navigated between the inside and outside of the existing models of production, observing and narrating the porousness capable of channeling various overlapping flows between technical, cultural and environmental landscapes.