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Searing Pain

[04.09.22 – 05.02.23]


Tao Hui


Aranya Art Center, Aranya Gold Coast Community, Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao, China

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Thrilled to share Tao Hui’s first comprehensive solo museum exhibition, Searing Pain at Aranya Art Center. The exhibition surveys the first decade of Tao’s career, focusing on his groundbreaking videos and installations. Organized by Damien Zhang, director of Aranya Art Center, with the assistance of Wang Jiaming, this exhibition features 18 works made between 2013-2022, including projects, such as the installation Untitled (wind cups) (2017) and the video installation White Building (2019), as well as three groups of new works supported and produced by Aranya Art Center: the video The Night of Peacemaking, a large-scale sculpture The Fall, and the photographic series Untitled (Holographic Building 06 & 07).