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The Lost Jungle

[04.12.21 – 15.05.22]




Museum MACAN, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Pleased to share Tromarama’s presentation at Museum MACAN, featuring The Lost Jungle. “Tromarama: The Lost Jungle” is a UOB Museum MACAN Children’s Art Space Commission, a commission by artists dedicated to children and their families. As a leading collective of artists working in technology, Tromarama continues to explore the relationship between humans, nature, and technology. Titled Tromarama: The Lost Jungle, Tromarama’s installation reflects on the rich and broad range of flora and fauna in Indonesia and the threat that human activities have on the ecological environment, which may lead to the extinction of animal and plant species. Another work on display, 40℃ Fable (2021), is a three-channel video installation which responds to the movement of visitors within the galleries via a motion sensor, demonstrating how human activity impacts the environment. This sensor will capture visitors’ movements in front of the screen and then demonstrate how human activity impacts the environment.

– Courtesy of Museum MACAN.