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Cloud Walkers

[02.09.22 – 08.01.23]


Tromarama, Wong Ping, Samson Young


Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

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Delighted to share Wong Ping, Tromarama and Samson Young participation in the group exhibition Cloud Walkers at the Leeum Museum of Art. The “cloud” here speaks to climate, imagination, and hyperlinks alike; it stands as a metaphor for the new sociocultural environment of the 21st century and serves as a virtual platform for sharing across geopolitical boundaries. The works in this exhibition are by those who move freely through this cloud world — the walkers and flâneurs, workers and doers, dreamers and visionaries.

On view are Tromarama’s work Solaris (2020), Wong Ping’s single channel video animation with sound, Wong Ping’s Fables 2 (2019) and Possible Music #2 (feat. NESS) (2019) by Samson Young.