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Edge of the Wonderland | Thailand Biennale 2018

[02.11.18 – 28.02.19]


Wang Wei


Krabi, Thailand

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Pleased to share Wang Wei’s participation in the first Thailand Biennale 2018. Initiated to promote Krabi as a global art city, the Biennale is staged in the outdoor spaces of Krabi in three different sections. ‘Edge of the Wonderland’ is a section where chosen artworks will be exhibited at several sites in Krabi that have historical, natural, and cultural significance.

Exhibiting in this section, Wang Wei, on a beach in Krabi uses mosaic tiles to build an ‘ocean wave’, creating an elevated ‘sea level’. Titled ‘Elevated Sea Level’ (2018), the work uses commonly found materials as a way to portray a natural phenomenon and acknowledge the unstable relationship between man and nature.