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Post-sense Sensibility: Trepidation and Will

[19.03.17 – 21.05.17]


Wang Wei


Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

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Wang Wei has been selected to participate in the group exhibition ‘Post-sense Sensibility: Trepidation and Will’, a reaction to the infamous show ‘Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion’, which has been noted as one of the most important artistic movements in the history of Chinese contemporary art. Wang Wei will be showing ‘Natural History 4’ (2012) An installation commenting on artificial environments, which aims to address our relationship with manmade visions of nature.

Divided into two parts, the exhibition is composed of artworks and archives, exhibiting pieces by artists involved in the movement, providing a rare chance to peek into their contemplation, discussion and actions of the time. The exhibition has also invited active young artists whose approaches resemble those of Post-Sense Sensibility artistic thinking, in order to present an open and evolving definition of Post-Sense Sensibility. As one of the exhibiting artists from the original show, ‘Post-Sense Sensibility: Trepidation and Will’ acts as a useful discussion of Wang Wei’s definitive practice.