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Scraggly Beard Grandpa

[04.11.17 – 22.12.17]


Wang Wei


Capsule, Shanghai

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is delighted to share the latest group show, ‘Scraggly Beard Grandpa’ at Capsule, Shanghai. Featuring here are twelve artists including Wang Wei, and João Vasco Paiva who resided at the art collective and gallery space, PRACTICE (New York) from 2015-2016. The show revolves around the idea of daily life abroad, interpreting the tensions that surround the notion of being a foreigner. Some of the displayed oeuvres include João Vasco Paiva’s ‘The Last Kauai Oo Bird I and II’ (2017), alongside a site specific oil stick drawing, and Wang Wei’s ‘Barrier’ (2017).

Curated by Cici Wu and Wang Xu, both co-founders of PRACTICE, the show ‘Scraggly Beard Grandpa’ will be on view through 22 December, 2017.