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Pan Yuliang: A Journey into Silence

[08.09.17 – 15.11.17]


Wang Zhibo


Times Museum, Guangzhou

Previously shown at the Villa Marie Vassiliefe in Paris, Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce that the exhibition ‘Pan Yuliang: A Journey into Silence’, featuring the work of Wang Zhibo, will be shown at Times Museum, Guangzhou.

Celebrating the life and legacy of prolific Chinese painter Pan Yuliang, the exhibition combines extensive research and academic conversations with art inspired by and reflective of Pan’s work. Wang’s paintings, exploring a modern femininity which delicately questions and celebrates notions of beauty and culture, will be displayed alongside Pan’s own work. Both artists draw on their own cultural and artistic heritage while looking forward, to a rapidly evolving cultural landscape, opening a dialogue between these two artists, separated by a century yet united in subject matter.