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[01.03.14 – 25.05.14]


Wang Zhibo


Penrith Regional Gallery, 86 River Road Emu Plains NSW 2750 Australia

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Wang Zhibo has been selected for the group exhibition ‘Wondermountain’ at the Penrith Regional Gallery in Sydney, which revisits the poetic mountainscapes and otherworldly non-places of traditional Chinese landscape painting. Featuring the work of thirteen Sydney and China-based contemporary artists, Wang Zhibo’s paintings will be presented alongside works by Svetlana Bailey, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Shoufay Derz, Aesha Henderson, Hua Tunan, Li Ming, Liu Yuan, Jamie North, Philjames, Peter Nelson, Jason Wing and Yang Yongliang. Exploring landscape art as a vehicle for both inner-reflection and sociopolitical commentary ‘Wondermountain’ considers, not nature itself, but the forces that imagine, philosophise and dominate it.