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Floating Urban Slime/Sublime

[18.10.17 – 08.01.18]


Wong Ping


Art Gallery Miyauchi, Hiroshima, Japan

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Delighted to share Wong Ping’s participation in the group exhibition, ‘Floating Urban Slime/Sublime’, at Art Gallery Miyauchi, Hiroshima. ‘Floating Urban Slime/Sublime’ is a project that brings together a range of works by a variety of contemporary practitioners, commemorating the vagueness and uncertainty of meaning in oeuvres produced during the post-internet era. Wong Ping’s single-channel video animation, ‘An Emo Nose’ (2015) will be featured in this exhibition.

‘Floating Urban Slime/Sublime’ will be open to public from 18 November 2017 through 8 January, 2018 at Art Gallery Miyauchi, Hiroshima, Japan.