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35th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

[04.06.19 – 10.06.19]



METROPOLIS, Kleine Theaterstr. 10, 20354 Hamburg; ZEISE KINOS Friedensallee 7-9, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

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Pleased to share Wong Ping’s presentation at the 35th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, featuring Wong Ping’s single channel animation ‘Jungle of Desire’ (2015) in the section ‘Pleasure Rebels – Feminism, Sex and Anarchy/Awakening Visions’.

‘Jungle of Desire’ (2015) follows a grown man’s self-loathing as he is incapable of fulfilling his wife sexually, who in turn succumbs to at-home prostitution and is taken advantage of by a cop. Depressed, he speaks of taking to the hills to end his own life.

*Wong Ping’s screening dates: 6 and 8 June 2019.