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The 17th London Short Film Festival

[10.01.20 – 19.01.20]


Wong Ping


Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, W1D 3NE London, United Kingdom

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Thrilled to share the screening of Wong Ping’s animation videos at The 17th London Short Film Festival. Combining the crude, the grotesque and the political, Wong explores the pressing concerns of our age: existential angst, sexual impotence and societal limitations. Straddling the chasm between low and high culture, Wong’s visually saturated, surrealist observations on contemporary life create a dystopian Kafkaesque world, depicting both mundane cruelties and a sense of comfort that our perversions and fantasies are shared by others. His single channel animation videos on view are: ‘Doggy Love’ (2015), ‘Slow Sex’ (2014), ‘Jungle of Desire’ (2016), ‘Apocalypse 1&2’ (2014), ‘Dear, can I give you a hand?’ (2018), ‘Screen Shaver’ (2014), ‘An Emo Nose’ (2015), ’Who’s the Daddy’ (2017) and ‘Wong Ping’s Fables 1’ (2018).

*Wong Ping’s screening will take place on 19 Jan 2020.