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Dancing is what we make of falling 2 | MY BODIES

[21.02.20 – 22.03.20]


Wong Ping


Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Torino, Italy

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Pleased to share Wong Ping’s presentation in the second edition of ‘Dancing is what we make of falling’, which continues the research on the relationships between video and performance started at OGR Torino in 2018. The exhibition format combines projections, performances and conferences in an attempt to offer a shared space of discussion on the responsibility of contemporary art in the creation of alternative imaginaries. The works chosen for the exhibition offer a reflection on the body, its limits and its potential, its relationships with the concept of identity, its transformations in the light of the social and technological changes of contemporary age. The title of the exhibition borrows a verse from the poet and researcher Fred Moten and becomes an observation of what art, in times of crisis, is called to do: transform the fall into a dance. On view is Wong Ping’s ‘Dear, can I give you a hand?’ (2018) and ‘Jungle of Desire’ (2015).

*Wong Ping’s work will be screened on 13 March from 8:30 pm.