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happiness is only real when shared

[13.02.21 – 08.05.21]


Gus Fisher Gallery, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

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Pleased to share Wong Ping’s participation in the group exhibition, ‘happiness is only real when shared’ at Gus Fisher Gallery. Bringing together works by three ambitious artists that address modern capitalist desires with astute criticality and satire, the exhibition ponders the current moment through a surreal maze of animation, site-specific installation, and sculpture. Titled after a bittersweet cliché in Wong Ping’s famed ‘Fables’ series (2018-19), ‘happiness is only real when shared’ aims to jolt us from the throws of daily living and into a tumultuous and alternative mise en scène where transformation and individual reflection may become possible. Featured in this exhibition are Wong Ping’s single channel animation videos, ‘Wong Ping’s Fables 1’ (2018) and ‘Wong Ping’s Fables 2’ (2019).